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BAPC-Format and deadlines for the list AY 2003-2004

Dear BAPC list subscribers:

Please note that events for the BAPC calendar
(bapc-events cosmos phy tufts edu or fax (617)-353-9393) must be delivered
by 11am on the Monday preceding the event.  After that time, events should
be published to the late list, bapc-late cosmos phy tufts edu.  To ease the
work required to administer this list, please send your events in the
correct format, which is as follows.

Day, Date, Time
Institution Name
Seminar Name
Building and Room Number
Title of talk
Name of Speaker
Institution of Speaker
Any special instructions or notes

For multiple event emails, each event should be in this format. If you sent
an email which included multiple events before the 14th of September, 
resend them.  Some messages were incorrectly classified by my filters.  The
problem is now fixed, and I apologize if any of your events were not

Heather G. Kauth
Sr. Administrative Secretary
Physics Department
Boston University
Ph: (617) 353-9320