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CfA theory seminars & Joint cosmology seminar (fwd)


*** CfA Theory Seminar ***

Sep 15 (Mon), 12:00pm, Pratt conference room (G04), CfA

Speaker: Tsvi Piran (Hebrew University)

Title:  GRB Jets and Orphan Afterglows


*** Joint Cosmology Seminar of Harvard/MIT/Tufts ***

Sep 16 (Tue), 2:30pm, Gilman Room, Radcliff Institute

Speaker: Ramesh Narayan (Harvard)

Title: Astrophysical Evidence for the Black Hole Event Horizon


Astronomers have discovered many candidate black holes in X-ray binaries
and in the nuclei of galaxies. While the evidence
that these objects are black holes is strong, there is no proof yet that
the objects actually possess event horizons. The talk will
describe some of our recent efforts to find such proof.